Decentralize Token Trading & NFT Exchange

Deployed Binance Smart Chain Will launch Vault, NFT Farming & Liquidity Incubator

SMARTEX Token and NFT Exchange

Trades are settled in an L2 (layer-2) system, which publishes ZK (zero-knowledge) proofs periodically to an Binance smart contract in order to prove that state transitions within L2 are valid. Funds must be deposited to the Binance smart contract before they can be used to trade on SMARTEX. NFT trading will be swap like method.

SMARTEX Exchange


Token & NFT Exchange Features

Low Fees, No Gas Costs Low Fees, Almost ZERO Gas Costs

Lightning Quick Lightning Fast

Fast Withdrawals Fast Withdrawals

Cross Margining Cross Margin

Secure & Private Secure & Decentralize

User Friendly Very User Friendly

Full ERC/BEP721 features supported Full ERC/BEP721 features supported

Liquidity Incubation Vault Liquidity Incubation Vault

Fast Withdrawals NFT

User Friendly NFT Farming

SMARTEX Futures Trading Platform


SMARTEX Exchange


SMARTEX Orderbook

SMARTEX Exchange